Top 3 Best Garden Machete Consumer Reports & Reviews

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Top 3 best garden machete

Garden Machete is the most important thing for the backyard or garden. It’s a reliable all-purpose knife you can use for cutting trees, bushes, carving, incising and chopping composts. It’s quite handy to keep your backyard neat and clean.

Bestseller No. 1
Zenport Aluminum Handle K310 Brush Clearing Sickle with Carbon Steel Blade and Aluminu, 9"
  • Designed for heavy duty clearing and scrubbing of tough vines weeds undergrowth
  • Black soft rubber grips and the 9-inch aluminum tube handle
  • Razor sharp 9-inch carbon steel straight edge hooked blade provides powerful cuts
Bestseller No. 2
Gerber Gator Machete - Black w/ Nylon Sheath [31-000758]
  • Blade Steel: High Carbon steel. Riveted, nylon sheath included
  • 18 inch blade features a full performance saw on one side, a 15 inch fine edge blade on the other
  • Handle Material: Gator Grip overmold, Sheath Material: Nylon
Bestseller No. 3
Jungle Master JM-024L Machete, 28-Inch Overall
  • 28-inch machete ideal for camping and rugged outdoor adventures
  • 21.5-inch black stainless steel blade with reverse serrated sawback
  • Black handle with orange rim and lanyard coard

Buying Guide

Before purchasing a garden machete, you should know what kind of machete you need and how does it function. Garden machetes come in different shapes, types and grip handle. You can check the buying tips here to get a suitable machete.


Select a suitable garden machete. It comes in various types. Below are the types according to the blades and shape.

Billhook: It’s the traditional cutting machete for chopping/trimming tree branches, grapevine, and shrubs. You can use it for forestry due to the sharp blades.

Bolo: It has a slightly large tip than the grip handle. Due to the weight, it delivers good performance in cutting bushes and shrubs. It’s perfect for cutting thicker branches.

Bush: As the name suggests, it’s an all-purpose machete with a long sharp blade.

Cane: It’s also famous as Sugar Cane machete. Cane has broad and sharp blades and can be used for sugar cane stalks. You can use it to cut bamboo and hard stems.

Colima: It comes in a paddle-like shape. Both sides are sharp and the blade-spine has a deep bulge for efficient cutting. You can use it for both fore and backward cutting.

Hawksbill: It has a curved shape and a sharp tip. You can use it to cut hard stems and branches. However, the curved shape is also good to cut plants and soft grass.

Panga: Usually, the Carribean uses it in the spring growing season. The heavy-duty blade is perfect to cut thick brush, limbs, trails, and weeds.

Parang: Generally, Parang is used in Indonesia and Malaysia. It comes with a curved spine and a sharp blade. The heavy-duty blade of the machete is suitable to cut wooden plants like bamboo and coconut.

Heavy: This machete comes with a heavier blade for optimum cutting.


It shouldn’t be heavy. Check the weight. An ideal garden machete weighs 2 – 2.5 pounds only.


Blade of machete

The blade should be made of steel to handle hardwood easily. Don’t select a garden machete with an iron blade. After a few seasons, it will be rusty.


Select a machete with a comfortable handle. It should be light and durable. You can use a wooden handle in this context. However, for a moist environment, it won’t be durable. The garden machete comes in polymer handle too. It’s the less comfortable, but easily affordable handle. You can also select a rubber, stainless steel or micarta handle.

Consumer Reports & Reviews for Zenport K310 Brush Clearing Sickle

Saundra Dodson: It’s so awesome gardening tool. My husband stole it from me. He uses it to trim shrubs and grass.

Ruby Walker: I use it to cut the grass, shrubs, stems, and bamboo. It works amazingly. I have bought it from eBay a year ago. The blade is still sharp and works efficiently.

Sean Sharp: Zenport sickle works great for hard and soft stems. I love using it in my backyard.

Kenneth Baber: I bought it a year ago and it has impressed me a lot. I use it to cut large and thick shrubs and stems.

Stephanie Meraz: My friend presented it as a gift to me and it’s a very efficient tool for me. I love using it for clearing my backyard from bushes and bamboo sticks.

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