See here the list of Top 10 best-infrared sauna. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

Bestseller No. 1
Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna with FAR Infrared Carbon Panels, Heated Floor...
  • SOOTHING WARMTH - FAR infrared heat surrounds your body, thanks to three low-EMF carbon heating panels. Each heater is precisely...
  • 1 MINUTE SET-UP - Six, easy steps convert this handy device into a personal paradise. Simply unfold the sauna, plug it in, and...
  • RELAX ANYWHERE - This portable sauna is easy to take on the go. A collapsible design conveniently folds for transport or storage....
Bestseller No. 2
Durherm Infrared Sauna, Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Indoor Sauna with Chair and Heated Footpad,...
  • Included: DIF-5000_Copper Sauna, Wired Handheld Controller, Heated Foot-pad, Sports Chair, 2x Terry Cloth Neck, Foam Pad, Manual
  • Dimensions: 31.5″ W x 33″ D x 41″ H
  • Power: AC 110-120V, 60Hz
Bestseller No. 3
Dynamic "Venice" 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna
  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional...
  • 6 Dynamic Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon heating panels 2 on the rear wall 1 on each side wall 1 under the bench and 1 on the floor...
  • Full 2 person capacity. Interior dimensions (WDH): 43 x 37 x 70 inches
Bestseller No. 4
Gizmo Supply 3 Zone Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket
  • Version 3.0, upgraded heating element made of carbon fiber from Japan, increases infrared ray to 9.87um. The inside is made of...
  • Outside the unit is made of top grade PU material, a combination of leather and polyurethane. The PU coating has extremely strong...
  • Compact controller consist of three independent heating zones. The zones can be selected individually, upper body, waist section,...
SaleBestseller No. 5
SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa | One Person Sauna | with Heating Foot Pad and Portable Chair
  • #1 PERSONAL SAUNA: Can't get to the spa but want to experience the benefits of sauna therapy? No problem This indoor sauna kit...
  • PORTABLE SAUNA UNIT: Have a mobile beauty spa or want to move your sauna dome from one room to another? Our infrared sauna is...
  • ENJOY AND RELAX: Use this sauna to relax after a day of work, while reading books, listening to music, play on your mobile phone,...
Bestseller No. 6
Far Infrared Relax Sauna Amazing Long Term Health Benefits NEW
  • visit WWW.RELAXSAUNAFACTS.COM for FULL details and FAQ
SaleBestseller No. 7
Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing
  • Dr. Lawrence Wilson
  • L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.
  • Edition no. Third edition (05/01/2016)
Bestseller No. 9
Indoor Sauna Assembly - 2 Person Sauna
  • Assembly of 1 customer-supplied indoor sauna
  • Moving product to another location is not included
  • Connecting product to existing power source

Which infrared rays are best in the infrared cabin? Infrared A or infrared C; what is best-infrared radiator? Which infrared rays are best in the infrared cabin?

One of the most frequently asked questions when purchasing an infrared cabin / infrared sauna is which infrared rays are best. In this article, we will try to get to the bottom of this difficult question. An infrared cabin can be equipped with different types of infrared radiators. The type of infrared radiator used determines how long you can stay in the infrared cabin.

About ten years ago, the market share between short-wave (IR-A) IR cabs and longwave cabins (IR-C) was equally distributed in the Benelux countries. In recent years, there has also been a shift towards long-wave radiators (IR-C) in Belgium and the Netherlands. Often in combination with medium wave infrared radiators (IR-B). The reason for this shift is attributable to the fact that these long and medium wave radiators are more comfortable to use and emit less intense heat.

The shortwave emitters go a little deeper into the skin layers (up to a maximum of 5mm). But this 5mm depth is only reached by the few per cent shortwave. In addition, you can only sit in an infrared sauna with shortwave for a maximum of 15 minutes. So you do not detoxify in a short-wave infrared sauna and burn no calories.

The combination of the different spotlights makes the difference

Which infrared emitters and which wavelength – The most difficult question when purchasing an infrared cabin. You can not just give a correct answer to this question. For what do you want to use the infrared cabin? Is she about to relax or to relieve muscle and joint pain? And which joints are involved? A few years ago, infrared cabins were always designed with just one type of infrared radiator. So there were infrared cabins with short waves and other infrared cabins with long waves. Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers that can supply different types of infrared radiators in one cabin.

This has a variety of advantages. So you can combine different types of IR emitters, which were developed for different body parts, in a cabin. It uses infrared radiators specially made for the back and others designed specifically for the neck and shoulders. This gives a better therapeutic effect in the infrared cabin. Another advantage that comes with using different types of infrared heaters is that you can choose between different infrared intensities in the sauna room. One can tolerate more infrared heat than the other. The depth effect of the infrared is good, but you have to be able to record it! In the past, this was often the problem with infrared cameras with only short waves (IR-A).

Infrared C or Infrared A Radiation – Which one is best?

Again, this question is not so easy to answer. The market is split into two stocks. One group claims that the shortwave is dangerous and can only be used under medical supervision. The other group claims that only short waves produce a good depth effect and the long waves heat up only the IR cabin. Two opposing versions, but which one is correct?

Disadvantage of the short wave emitter is actually the intensity. Many people find these too intense. In recent years, an alternative called full spectrum spotlights has come onto the market. These full spectrum emitters are still relatively intense but less than the pure shortwave infrared emitters. You are allowed to sit for 30 minutes in front of a full-spectrum spotlight while you were allowed to use the shortwave emitters for a maximum of 15 minutes. The difference between the two emitters is that with the full spectrum emitters the short wave component (IR-A) is about 25%. This allows you to use this radiator type longer.

Why use short waves?

Short Waves and Full Spectrum Infrared Heaters have a number of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that under the intense infrared heat the good depth effect and the short warm-up time. As a disadvantage, the burning heat, which generates the radiator is seen (holds in the case of the full spectrum in limits). Although the Full Spectrum emitters are less intense than the regular shortwave emitters, the Full Spectrum Emitters also have an intense warmth that most users find pleasurable for only about 15 minutes.

With different brands, it is possible to replace one or two emitters with Full Spectrum emitters. You can decide for yourself how long to sit in front of the spotlights. If one finds that the Full Spectrum emitters become too intense, then one can simply put in front of another kind infrared emitters with only long (IR-C) and medium waves (IR-B). Heat of the radiator Illustration of a tube radiator (left) and plate radiator (right)

Combination of infrared radiators

Infraplus Sauna uses the possibility to combine three different spotlights. A session in the infrared cabin may look like this: Preheat for five minutes to reach a comfortable temperature. Take a seat ten minutes before the full-spectrum spotlight with short-wave content. Sit for ten minutes in front of a spotlight with long and medium waves. Place for ten minutes in front of a surface radiator (also called carbon radiator). Carbon emitters are specially designed for the neck and shoulders and the intensity emitters are specially designed for the back. As you have read, it is not easy to tell which infrared radiators are best. That depends on the nature of the complaints and the user. When combining the different spotlights you have more and more options and better results.