A backpack is a very important part of a kid’s life. Either your kids are toddlers or school going; they need a backpack so that they can carry around their stuff easily. Giving your toddlers a backpack also develops a sense of responsibility in them.

In this article, we will walk you through a comprehensive buying guide that will help you in making the best possible decision for buying a backpack for your kids and also review the top five backpacks that you can buy for your kids.

Buying Guide

Tips to select the Best backpack


One of the most important decisions to make while buying a backpack for the kids is to buy a backpack according to your kid’s age. You do not want to end up getting a backpack that is not suited for the needs of your kids. If your kid is a toddler, obviously you need a backpack specifically designed for toddlers with various features. Similarly, if your kids are school going and is studying in a senior class, then you will need a backpack that can carry books, laptop and other accessories that your kid may need.


When you are buying a backpack for a toddler, you will need more safety features like a safety harness, so you can keep your toddler close with you when you are outside. Grown-up kids will need more secure zips and a locked compartment in order to keep the valuables secured.


Do not compromise on the quality of the backpack you are buying. There are two reasons for this, a high-quality backpack will go a long way for your kid and save your extra spending on repairing or replacement.


You need to consider the spacing it offers for your kids. If your kid is school going, he will need compartments for lunch box, books, and some extra space to carry around an exercise kit or other relevant things. Toddlers need space for extra clothes, their eatables, and some toys. make sure that you critically analyze the spacing of the backpack before making the purchase.


Look for a backpack that has less weight and still offers durable quality. You do not want to add up some extra weight on the sensitive shoulders of your kids by buying them a backpack that has more weight.

Best 5 Kids Backpacks

1. Fjallraven – Kanken Mini Classic Backpack for Everyday

Fjallraven backpack for kids

Coming from the trusted house of Fjallraven, the mini classic backpack is a masterpiece. With a sober and yet attractive design, it is a great option for the school going kids. Kids can keep their books and notebooks and lunch in the two main essential compartments. In the front open box, kids can keep their stationery items and water bottles in the side pockets. It is made from a dirt-free material. Cleaning the bag is easy and you can just wipe it clean with wet cloth. The material repels the dirt and gives the backpack an ever new look. The two-way zippers are protected by rain-flaps that ensure the durability of the zippers. The shoulder straps are long and adjustable, which ensures that our kids can use this bag over years while they grow. The solid carry-handle also allows the parents to carry their children’s nag pack while dropping or picking them from school.

The backpack offers up to 7 liters of storage space, which is a benchmark in terms of space in the kids’ backpacks. The weight of the product is not that much so it will not be a problem for the children to carry around. One of the flaws reported by the users is that you will have to get slim-sized water bottles for your kids in order to fix them in the side pockets. The logo is reflective and adds to the aesthetic value for kids.

2. Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack


Brica safety backpack for the kids

A perfect backpack for toddlers which comes with a safety harness so that you can hold the safety strap and make sure that your toddler does not leave your side. Made from lightweight polyester and nylon, it is very easy for your toddler to carry it on their shoulders and make sure that they do not get tired with the extra weight of the backpacks. The backpack offers roomy compartments for your toddlers, so you can keep all the things they need and make sure that you do not miss out on any essentials when you are out on a trip or for some important chores. The safety harness has a shock absorbing mechanism which reduces tension on your toddler’s shoulders and on your hands as well. You can remove the security tether as well. This feature allows this backpack to be used during the pre-school and junior school years as well.

Weight capacity of this backpack is around 2-5 pounds. The net pockets on the front side of the bag are spacious and roomy. You can easily keep a water bottle there or some snacks for your toddler. Inside the bag, you can keep clothes for your toddlers, toys or even story books from them. The side pockets are also roomy and you can keep your kids’ belongings there. The top loop allows you to hang the backpack easily and you can also tie a small stuff towy for your toddler there. The reflective strips give more visibility during night time. Some users have reported that the front mesh pockets get a bit rough after usage of 3-4 years.

Vaschy Little Kid Backpacks

Vaschy Little Kid Backpacks

This backpack is made from polyester and has a storing capacity of around 11.5 liters. The outlook of the bag is designed from an artist’s work and it gives a great aesthetic value for the children. Your kid’s unique and special backpack will definitely be noticed in the entire school and all the other kids will want a backpack like this. The backpack is easy to operate with a main zipped compartment that allows massive storage space, a small-sized front compartment to keep other belonging and two spacious side pockets to keep water bottles. The zips are designed in such a way that they are hassle-free for the little kids to manage. The main storage capacity can easily hold your kid’s books, lunch box, two small notebooks, and even some cartoon figures as well. Made from polyester, the bag is easy to clean and is dust repellent. The straps are soft and do not tire the shoulders of the kids using it. The adjustable straps allow this bag to be used for a longer period of time.

The good thing about this backpack is that it comes with a warranty and you can replace the product in case you find any defects in it.

MIFULGOO Kids Waterproof Backpack

MIFULGOO Kids Waterproof Backpack

This is a great option for the kids going in high school. It allows them to keep a laptop in the main pocket and smartphones in the side pockets as well. The thick padded back ensures that the weight of the laptop is absorbed by it and does not transfer to the back of the children. The bag is made from high-quality water-repellent polyester and is very durable. The two zip pockets on the front side of the bag allow more space for the kids to keep their stuff. The mesh pockets on the side are large enough to fit in some drinkables. The straps are made of reflective fiber that increases the visibility of the bag during night time and makes it safer for the kids to walk on the streets or riding a bike.

This is a great backpack for schooling, hiking trips, camping, and cycling events. Some users have reported that the zips of this backpack or not of that high quality and you may need to replace them after a year or two.

NICE CHOICE Toddler Backpack

Nice Choice Toddler backpack

The last item on our list is a unisex backpack for the kids of 1-6 years. The backpack is made from soft and durable material that is soft for your toddler to use and saves you some money by durability. There are different animal faces designs available in this backpack. Your kids will love these characters and you can choose the one your kid loves the most. The backpack offers enough space to keep your kids’ books, notebooks and even their favorite toy in the main compartment. The backpack is ideal for day trips.

One major drawback of this backpack is that it does not offer any safety strap, so you will have to make sure that you keep your kid in your sight when you go out with them.


We want you to make the best purchase for your kid, which is why we have also highlighted the flaws in each bag along with their advantages. We are sure that after reading our well-researched article, you will be able to buy a bag from the above list.