Technology has impacted our lives in a great way. Kids these days want everything technologically advanced and with a screen. This gives the parents some opportunities as well, for example knowing about the whereabouts of their kids. One of the best ways to do so is by giving them GPS watches. These watches are not only a source of tracking the location of your kids but also have a lot of other features as well. These features add to the functionality of GPS watches and can be a great source of entertainment too.

In this article, we will be taking you through a buying guide for GPS watches and present you with the top 5 GPS watches for your kids.

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Buying Guide

Buying Guide for Kids Watch

Parental Control – The main purpose of buying a GPS watch for your kids is to know about their location. You will want a GPS watch that allows maximum parental control over every feature. Some GPS watches have internet facility, so you will also want to control what content your kids can access through it.

Battery – Another important feature to look in the smartwatch is the battery timing. You do not want a smartwatch that has a battery backup of only a few hours. The smartwatch will be useless if its battery ends when your kid is in school or out with his friends. You will need a smartwatch with at least 24 hours battery backup, so that you can charge them easily during the night or when your kid is at home.

Calling Features – Smart watches having a calling feature is always a plus. Most of the smartwatches have this feature and some also allow you to send voice notes and text messages. It is better to have a smartwatch that has the ability to block unknown numbers so that no stranger can disturb your kids.

Screen Size – A big screen size is a plus. This makes it easy for your kids to operate the smartwatch without any hassle.

Connectivity – This feature allows the smartwatch to be connected with your smartphone. Look for a smartwatch that can be connected with iOS and Android interphases.

Applications – Some smart watches allow you to install games and other applications. Children love to play mobile games. GPS watches with this option can be a great tool of entertainment for your kids.

SOS – The emergency and SOS feature should be easy to access in the GPS watches for kids. Your kid should be able to send out an SOS call in no time when he senses some danger and unusual situation.

Best Kids GPS Watches

1. CYHT Kids GPS Watch

CYHT Kids Smart Watch

An easy to operate and one of the best GPS watches available for your kids, the CHYT GPS watch comes with calling feature and sending voice notes as well. It allows you to monitor your kids’ position from your smartphone up to the highest precision. The refresh speed is high and the lag time is very less. The two-way SOS button enhances its functionality and you can also listen to your children’s surrounding in case of any unusual happening. The voice notes feature makes communication with your child more fun and you can even have some fun time from your room. The watch uses GPS, LBS, and Wi-Fi to locate the position of your kids and also show you the route they followed to reach their destination. Parents can also disable some of the features when your kid is in class or studying so that he does not indulge with the smartwatch. At this time, parents can still keep track of their kid’s location.

The watch is made of hundred percent water-resistant materials and your kid can even go for a swim wearing this watch. The company offers great after sales service and money back guarantee in case there is a fault with the watch. All in all, we have placed this watch at first spot due to its accuracy and durability.

2. Owl Cole GPS Smart Watch for Kids

3G GPS Tracker Best Waterproof Wrist Smart Phone Watch

The GPS Smartwatch from Owl Cole uses 2G and 3G data traffic to track the location of your kid wearing it. Apart from location tracking, it also allows you to send and receive voice calls and voice messages. You can also limit the number of incoming and outgoing voice calls. The IOS and Android application are user-friendly and easy to control. The watch offers a powerful battery and you do not need to worry about charging it every now and then. A complete charge is enough for 2-3 days depending upon the use f the watch.  With the help of a remote camera, you can see the surroundings of your kids. The location is provided with the help of GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi. Another interesting feature for this watch is the fun camera for your kids, kids can take selfies and make videos and share with you through the smartwatch. It also measures the daily steps taken and calories burnt by your kids and you can also schedule daily tasks for your kids. You can also put up to 3 alarms in the smartwatch.

You will have to buy a separate Nano SIM card for this watch.  The package includes a smartwatch, a USB charging cable, a user manual, and a screwdriver.

3. Oaxis Kids Smart Watch

Smart Watch Phone for Kids Ultimate 3G Smartwatch

This GPS smartwatch allows you to connect with your kids in real time using voice and video calls. This watch comes with a 2MP high-resolution camera and your kid can take pictures on the go. The watch is fully compatible with 3G data and voice calls. Parents can also hear what’s happening in their surrounding without them knowing about it. With this watch, you can set up perimeters for your kids. When your kids cross this perimeter, you will get a notification on your smartphone. The watch uses GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM networks to pinpoint the location of your kid with great accuracy and precision. You can also turn the features off during class timing and study time so that your kid does not get involved in them. The smartwatch also offers fitness tracking mode. You can easily track the steps taken; calories burnt and sleep timing of your kid. The SOS button is easy to reach and within one second you will be able to know about the location of your kid. The battery timing of this watch is around 2.5 days. The GPS watch is waterproof and water resistant.

Some users report that the mobile application of this watch gets stuck once in a while.

4. SZBXD GPS Smart Watch

SZBXD GPS Smart Watch

This watch comes with 16 different and interesting functions and it is really an entertainment packed GPS watch for your kids. As far as the tracking is concerned, it uses LBS and GPS to track the location of your kids. The large screen and camera make photo taking more fun for your kids and they can also share their moments with you through the apps installed in the smartwatch. The watch allows parents to set controls and timing on the watch through the app so that the kids do not get involved with the watch while studying. The watch is waterproof and made of high-quality material. You do not need to worry about the durability of the watch.

The company is offering one year warranty on their product which is an added feature. Please note that this watch works on a select few SIM cards.

5. Wonbo GPS Watch

Kid Smart Watch, Wonbo Soft Silicone GPS Tracker with SIM Slot

This watch uses GPS and LBS to locate your kid’s position and you can know the exact position of your kids by tracing via SMS, website, mobile phone applications. The smartwatch is compatible with a majority of the Apple and Android devices. The watch comes with fitness tracker; security fencing, pedometer and voice messaging application and alarm warning when it is taken off. You can also choose some special activity areas for your kids, as soon as your kid leaves those special areas, you will be notified on the mobile application. The SOS button works after being pressed for 3 seconds so that you do not get alarmed if it is pressed by mistake. Wonbo is made from soft and smooth silicone and gives a sporty and elegant look to the watch.

One problem with this watch is that it only supports 2G network and with the 2G network that speed of the internet is not that high, you will have to rely on calls and SMS to check the position of your kid. The watch comes with 30-days money back guarantee and one-year manufacturer warranty.


GPS watches can be a great source of entertainment for your kids and on the other hand, provide a sense of relief for the parents. Parents can keep a tack on their location. We suggest you buy one from our list according to your needs as we have included only the best GPS smartwatches.