When you are buying shoes for yourself, it is relatively easy as you know what suits you and what does not. Selecting running shoes for your kids can be a daunting task, especially considering that there are a lot of options available. You have to keep in a lot of things in your mind while buying a pair of running shoes for kids. In this article, we will take you through a buying guide which will answer a lot of questions in your mind. We will also present you with the best 5 running shoes. We care for you and your children, which is why we have picked only the best of the best. All these shoes are carefully selected and will give you the best value for your money. They will keep the children on the go and make sure that their feet remain healthy and do not pain after a running session.

Buying Guide

Best Kids Sneakers


The best running shoes for kids are the one that has less weight and feel light while wearing them. They should not overburden your kids’ feet. Heavy shoes not only slow down the running speed, but they also irritate children.


Select the materials that allow for the exchange of air while you wear them. Kids’ feet sweat just like an adult’s feet, so it is very important that the shoes should allow an exchange of air. Materials like mesh, breathable synthetics allow air flow in and out of the shoes that keep the feet cool and sweat-free. This also helps in reducing the smelly feet and socks problem.


Kids’ running shoes should provide maximum support for all the outdoor activities. Kids will not only use these shoes for running, but they will also go for a game session wearing them, engage in hiking, climbing, jumping and paddling through mud and dirt. Features like reinforced toes, durable material, and sturdy outsole provide maximum support to feet.


Flexibility will aid in running and movement. Rigid shoes will not bend and squeeze accordingly and thus hamper the feet movement. While running, a perfect pair of running shoes support the feet movement by flexing on the same pattern as the feet.


Look for shoes that have a strong outsole. Shoes with a fragile outsole usually get damaged pretty soon and then you have to either replace them or buy new ones. This will not only be heavy on your pocket but it will also disturb the feet of your kids as they get accustomed to a specific pair of running shoes


You must be concerned about the size of the shoes. As the children’s feet grow pretty rapidly, some parents are of the opinion that let us get bigger shoes so that kids can wear them for a longer period of time. You should get running shoes according to the size that is most comfortable for your children. Anything small or big will only cause harm to your children’s feet.

Best 5 Running Shoes for Kids

1. NIKE Tanjun Sneakers

NIKE Tanjun Sneakers

Based on the buying guide above, at the top of the list, we have Nike’s running shoes. They come for kids with ages of 1-12. Made from high-quality synthetic fabric, these come with a rubber sole of great quality; the rubber sole adds to the flexibility of the shoe and makes sure that they bend with the movement of your children’s feet. the design of the shoes incorporate the flex grooves along the sole which allows the feet to flex naturally and without any pressure. The texture is breathable and hence keeps the feet cool and dry and do not let odour sneak into the socks and shoes. These shoes make sure that there is no extra strain on your kid’s feet and he will enjoy wearing them. The midsole is made of foam and gives a lightweight feel to the feet. The lightly padded colour and tongue ensure more comfort and support to feet. The laces are of high quality and ensure maximum security.

User reviews reveal that these are one of the best running shoes available for the kids. They fit nicely on the feet and children never complain about any stress on their feet. These shoes are not only ideal for running and outdoor use. You can also make your kid wear them on casual gathering or school outings.

2. MAYZERO Kids Running Shoes

MAYZERO Kids Tennis Shoes Breathable Running Shoes

Coming in a lot of designs and colours, these running shoes are perfect for running and have a game session. These are made from high-quality breathable and lightweight material that ensures that your kid’s feet remain unstrained and comfortable a running session. The shoes come with a convenient hook and loop fastener that ensures easy and speedy take-off. The insole of the shoes is cushioned with soft fabric lining to provide more comfort and grip while running. The outsoles are made of rubber that provides anti-slip grip on water and slippery surfaces.  The design of the shoes imitates natural foot design and it is a great option for running, hiking and everyday use as well. The weight of these shoes is less and do not add any extra burden on kids’ feet.

Some people have reported that the hook sticker gets less sticky after the use of 6-8 months. Other than this, the user reviews on this product say that these shoes surpass expectations and are great shoes to have for your children.

3. ASICS Kids Running Shoes

ASICS Kids' Pre-Contend 4 Ps Running Shoe

The 100% synthetic running shoes from the famous house of Asics is a very good option for your kid to have running shoes. These shoes are highly durable because of their excellent quality stitching. The reinforced stitched toe cap and the direct stitching of outsole to the upper make them even more durable. The laces are elastic and allow kids to wear them easily and rapidly. The off and on is made easy by the hook and loop fastener. The ankle area of the shoes is nicely padded to provide additional comfort to feet and keep the feet pain free while running. The outsole is designed in such a way to ensure natural movement and provide maximum support and grip to kid’s feet. The tongue of the shoes folds along the natural shape of the feet and allows maximum comfort.

One special feature about these shoes is that they have a removable sock liner. This can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic. Some people report that the heel of these shoes is a bit higher and may cause pain to some kids who do not like shoes with high heels.

4. Vivay Kids Running Shoes

Vivay Kids Boys Tennis Shoes Toddler Girl Running Walking Sneakers

These come with a rubber sole and are made from mesh fabric. The inside lining is made from soft fabric that prevents odour by keeping the feet dry and cool. The design offers a non-skid outsole for maximum grip and flexibility. The outsole wraps at the toe to give more durability. The round edges of the shoes reduce the chances of stumbling and falling down.  The back loop near the outer side of the ankle gives more support while wearing the shoes. The shoes are easy to wear and take off because of the hook and loop design. These shoes can be used for regular purposes as well.

One problem with these shoes is that the outsole entangles dirt a lot and you will have to clean them every time your kids come home after running or playing in dirt or wet ground. The hook and loop strap is also not of good quality.

5. New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance Kids Running Shoes

Running shoes from New Balance are made from 100% synthetic and lightweight material. They come with a flexible rubber sole. The outsole of the shoes is designed in such a way that it allows maximum grip and provides an anti-slip mechanism. The laces ensure that shoes remain fixed to your kids’ feet while they are having a running session and do not get loose. The tongue and mesh are breathable and allow the air to exchange, thus keeping your kid’s feet cool and dry.

Users have reported that the stitching of these shoes is not up to mark but overall these shoes are a good option for running shoes.


We know how much you care for your kid that is why we have also highlighted flaws of every product in our list. We want you to get the best running shoes for your kids according to their needs and do not end up wasting money on something that will tear away after a couple of months. We recommend that you buy a pair of running shoes for your kids from the top 3 shoes listed in our review.