Netflix is Planning a New N-Plus Service for its Viewers


As per reports, Netflix plans to launch an additional service to its content called N-Plus. This was hinted from the latest survey it did from the users, where it asked about their interests in engaging in the shows they watch. This may form like a mere social media where viewers can share their playlists, pre and post-production clips, and feedback and suggestions to tune the Netflix Originals.

A Typical Social Media For Netflix Viewers


Though Netflix remains at the top in the OTT industry, it’s facing severe competition from the rapidly growing OTTs from other media houses. Thus, it has to engage its community and retain them from fleeing to rival OTTs. And as part of it, Netflix is planning micro social media for viewers to stick to the platform more.

This is reportedly known as N-Plus, an additional service or a section coming to Netflix. While it’s not announced formally, but hinted at from the recent survey made among its users. There, Netflix asked questions about their maximum involvement with the platform.

These include sharing their feedback and suggestions to alter some Netflix Originals, tutorials, podcasts, and sharing personal playlists and reviews with others. This is more like forming micro social media for the platform viewers to engage and find friends of similar streaming interests.

While more about this new service isn’t shared yet, it’s touted to be free if launched. Also, it would be available for everyone, irrespective of subscription. And this makes sense since pooling as many users helps to grow the engagement with the platform, thereby adding few more hours on Netflix.