Netflix Rolled ‘Play Something’ to Suggest Content That You Have Never Watched

Netflix Rolled 'Play Something' to Suggest Content That You Have Never Watched

After months of testing, Netflix has finally rolled out the “Play Something” feature on its platform. This button is currently introduced in Netflix for TVs and soon be rolling to Android devices. Tapping the button of Play Something, users will be shown related content they haven’t watched but may be interested in streaming. This could be anything of a web series, movie, standup comedy, or documentary.

Netflix’s New Suggestion Feature

Netflix is undoubtedly carrying lots of content, most of which is useless for an average user. It’s hard for someone without any idea to open Netflix and browsing through its library to watch something interesting. And if you’re one of those, here’s something Netflix got for you – Play Something.

The popular American OTT has launched the Play Something feature after months of trials under different names. The button for this is set in various parts of the app, depending on the device. If you’re looking for it in a TV app, you’ll find it in the left side menu, in the tenth row. Tapping on it will show random content from the library that may interest you.

Showing random stuff doesn’t mean really random, but something relevant. Netflix’s algorithm tracks your streaming preferences from the past and something that’s saved in your watchlist, and then find a movie, web series, or a documentary as a suggestion. And if this doesn’t interest you, you may try this Play Something button again.

This feature is currently available for TV apps of Netflix and soon be coming to Android devices. Until then, hit Netflix with the idea of watching something or waste your time by just browsing its extensive library.