Nexstar Launched ‘Rewind TV’ to Stream Free Shows From 80s and 90s

Nexstar Launched 'Rewind TV' to Stream Free Shows From 80s and 90s

Nexstar, the popular North American media group, has just announced to introduce a new OTA channel called Rewind TV, where it’ll play hit sitcoms from the 80s and 90s. This service will be launched this year from September 1st and be available to over 50 million households. The media has already announced 21 shows on the dedicated TV.

Free TV Channel Playing Vintage Comedy

Nexstar Launched 'Rewind TV' to Stream Free Shows From 80s and 90s

Nexstar is already serving the elder community with Antenna TV, playing good shows from the 60s and 70s. While this entertainment excites our grandparents, what’s there for our parents? Enter Rewind TV by the same media company.

Nexstar announced a new digital multicast network called Rewind TV today, serving content from the 80s and 90s. The content mostly includes popular sitcoms and can be streamed for free from your Antenna-based TV. If, by any chance, your community isn’t having the channel, which is launching on September 1st this year, contact your local television station to add it.

The classic programs played in Rewind TV include;

Becker, 227, Caroline in the city, Dear John, Designing Women, The Facts of Life, Different Strokes, Head of the Class, The Hogan Family, The John Larroquette Show, Mork and Mindy, My Two Dads, News Radio, Suddenly Susan, The Drew Carey Show, Murphy Brown, Growing Pains, Wings, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Who’s the Boss and Family Ties.

This content originated from WGN-TV in Chicago and playable in .2 or .3 channels. Nexstar may add more shows in the future, expanding the library to entertain Gen X viewers.