Why Netflix is Cracking Down on Password Sharing Now


Netflix is seen testing a crack-down operation again password-sharing users, who are unauthorized to do so. While this is meant for a good cause, the community is wondering why Netflix is doing now, after all these years of remaining silent. Under this, it asks users to verify through a two-factor authentication code sent to the original user.

Why is Netflix Barring Users From Password Sharing Now?

As Netflix becomes the largest OTT service with over 200 million users worldwide, it’s also one of the most common platforms where users share their passwords. Password sharing, according to Netflix, isn’t illegal until you do it with someone you live with.

This means Netflix, according to its terms of service, lets family members share passwords without any objection, but users aren’t in boundaries set by Netflix anymore. Several users share their account passwords with their friends and distant relatives for free, which ultimately affects Netflix’s income and userbase.

Thus, it has decided to crack it down for good. But why now? Netflix is aware that users share passwords, but it allowed them anyway until it didn’t affect its market position. With the rise of other competitors like Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, etc., Netflix sees a threat to its market position.

This eventually led the platform to trail a new two-factor authentication method. It hopes it will let the original account holder realize who is using the account and cut unauthorized persons. Under this, users will be asked to verify their access by inputting a code sent to the original account holder’s mobile or email.

While family members don’t hesitate to share them, this may cause a slight inconvenience, at least from distant groups who share the password. Netflix’s cutting off such distant groups may eventually force them to signup for the service. Thus, don’t wonder if you’re suddenly asked for a two-factor authentication checkup while streaming your favorite show anytime soon.